5 Tips for Getting More Online Reviews for Your Small Business

5 Tips for Getting More Online Reviews for Your Small Business

5 Tips for Getting More Online Reviews for Your Small Business Small businesses often have a harder time compared with large corporations when it comes to collecting online reviews from customers. It can take time to establish a following, and not every customer leaves a review. This can be problematic because feedback is not only important to the company, but future consumers are much more likely to purchase something from your website if they can find comments and ratings from previous users. Improve your online presence and reputation by implementing the following tips as soon as possible.

Google Your Business

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Imagine for a minute that you are a potential customer searching for your business online. When you see the search results come up, how do you feel about the way your company is represented? It’s important to keep all your information up to date and check to make sure your content is appealing and relevant. Make notes of anything you can change to improve the user experience and encourage interaction. 

You can also hire or consult someone to improve your search engine results. For example, if you enter a search for your type of business, rather than the exact name of your business, you may be one of the first companies to come up or one of the last. Make changes that will ensure a higher ranking to improve visibility and credibility. 

Register and Respond

Register your company with all relevant review sites (Google, LinkedIn, Yelp, etc.), so you can take responsibility for the content. Respond to as many reviews as possible, particularly to the negative ones. Positive reviews can be answered with something as simple as, “We’re so glad you enjoyed our product!” However, negative reviews require more thought and sometimes action. 

Do your best to resolve any issues the customer may have had, and if things go well, ask them to update their review. You can also post a response that contains an apology and express your desire to help them have a better experience in the future. Believe it or not, these types of reviews can help your business as much as positive ones because they show you are committed to your customers and to the quality of your products and services.

Campaign for Votes

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Not unlike an election campaign, you need to make a conscious effort to get attention! Do your customers know they can leave reviews? Do they know you value their feedback? In contrast to voting, however, do not ask customers specifically for positive reviews. Simply let them know that you would love to hear about their experience. 

You can get the word out easily by including a pop-up on your website or sending a follow-up email after a purchase. A simple, “How did X work out for you?” or “Tell us about your experience!” can go a long way.

Share Reviews on Your Website

When someone leaves a particularly positive review, share it with the world! Brag a little by posting it on your website next to an image of the product they loved or hanging a sign in your window. You can even incorporate a review into your marketing by recommending “customer favorites.” 

Customer Review Management

Encourage and stay on top of reviews by implementing customer reviews or rates management software. Find the right site or software to provide tools to help you format reviews to be used on multiple platforms for easy sharing and increased exposure. 

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