The Mindset of an Entrepreneur

To be an entrepreneur requires a mindset that is radically different from that of an employee. Being an online entrepreneur is itself different from being an entrepreneur in the traditional way. Entrepreneurs see the world in a unique, entrepreneurial way. They see opportunities where other people see problems.

It is the entrepreneurial mindset that has taken humanity forward in leaps and bounds, from the industrial age to the age of information technology. Where would we be had there not been a Steve Jobs or a Jeff Bezos?

At the heart of every entrepreneur is a core energy that makes them an entrepreneur. There is a restlessness that is not satiated until they achieve their vision and their dream becomes a reality. They constantly strive to make things better than they are. They come up with new ideas or have ideas to make existing things even better. They have a deep belie in themselves and their vision. They do not cower or back down in the face of adversity or challenges. They often have such a strong conviction in themselves and in their ideas that they are able to influence others to work with them.

In the 21st century, the Internet has given people even more of an incentive to become entrepreneurs. Information technology has given everyone the world over access to knowledge, products and services wherever they may be. The entire world has shrunk to a tap of your fingertips on the keyboard, the touch of your fingers on a screen, or the click of a mouse. The fact that a global market is within their reach has made entrepreneurs even more bold and courageous to launch their vision on a global scale using the internet.

Online entrepreneurs find the freedom and flexibility of working on the Internet intoxicating. The internet offers the freedom to work wherever they want, whenever they want, with whomever they want, without the boundaries of geography, politics, or culture. A recent statistics showed that 58% of the millennial generation identified themselves as entrepreneurs.

To be a successful entrepreneur online, you need to find a niche area that you can excel in. If you can find a problem that nobody has solved so far, and can provide an effective solution to that problem, you have found yourself an entrepreneurial idea that can skyrocket you to success and riches. For example, online bookstores are a solution to the problem of people not able to find books that they want in bookstores, or not being able to access books that they want if they live in smaller cities or towns, or not having the time to pick up books from a bookstore. Similarly, e-commerce portals from where you can order and have groceries, vegetables and fruits delivered to your home was a boon for people who are working or families where both spouses are working full time.

The most successful entrepreneurs are those who are self-aware, have identified their strengths and weaknesses, and play to their distinctive strengths. Not everyone can do everything. Success lies in doing what you can do and doing it better than anyone else!


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