How to build an Entrepreneurial Culture

I’m a housewife on a mission. My desire is to help others but it comes in the most unconventional way. Would you believe building houses? Not just any ol’ house, but houses

that do double duty- they work for the average person and if a person becomes disabled it will also work for them. I talked to my husband Bob and he said, “If that is what the Lord has put on your heart, then go ahead and do it, but you will have to plan what you want in the house and bring in the money yourself.”

After I talked to Bob, I talked to one the elders at church and he asked me if I was trying to become an entrepreneur. I was a little surprised at the question. All I could say was, “I guess.” I looked up the word on the Business Know How website because I was not really sure what it meant. I found where Robert W. MacDonald stated that word, entrepreneur, is an old French word “that simply means to undertake, or set out on a new mission or venture.” That definition makes me think of knight going out to do great feats against great odds. I rather like that idea. I always did like knights in armor.

So against all odds I sold homemade cupcakes at a local grocery story to help raise money.

I called it “Cupcakes that Care”. I had two types, a breakfast/protein cupcake and a yellow sweet cupcake. The customers would never know what’s in the sweet one. Some days it would be chocolate chip and the next blueberries. After that it was whatever I dreamed up.

The patrons started calling it “The Surprise Cupcake.” Through the process of making cupcakes I had to hire a couple employees to help me out. I learned that to succeed my employees needed to see my passion and see me working. They realized that I was leading and not being a boss. I was treating them the way I would want to be treated as an employee.

It took 5 years, plus saving every penny, but I eventually had a license as a contractor and a small crew working under me. While selling cupcakes I also talked to as many contractors and construction people as I could. Some of those I had talked to are now working for me.They’ve taken my vision and have taken on as their own. I learned that people will follow a leader who treats them with respect. Robert W. MacDonald was right when he stated that, “an entrepreneurial culture consist of a group of individuals who have suppressed individual interest in an effort to achieve group success because group success will advance their individual interests.” My first house is almost done. What is it? It is ranch type wide open concept with plenty of room for wheel chairs to move around in. It has not stirs in it and large rooms and a wheel chair ramp. You might be wondering what happened to the cupcake business. I sold it to one of my employees.