Simple Entrepreneur Ideas for YOU!

Recently there was a meeting on Simple Entrepreneur Ideas that was hosted by Warren Buffet. What was interesting was the fact that he has only one rule: Never Lose Money!!! Good thought and a great guideline when trying to break into the entrepreneur field. Of course it’s a no brainer – who would want to start a business or invent a product that didn’t make money – that would defeat the whole purpose of striking out on your own!

There are many people who have fantastic ideas. The problem is that they don’t DO anything with them. Time passes and one day there is a new product or business on the market and they are left thinking – I thought of that a long time ago – that new booming business could have been mine. Doom, despair, agony and regret sets in because sitting around talking about something doesn’t make one a millionaire. Last year over 300,000 people became millionaires for the first time because they didn’t just “talk” about their ideas, they put action behind their words.

Here are a few simple entrepreneur ideas for you that could put you in the next group of millionaires – there is a new year starting very soon and YOU could be a blossoming entrepreneur this time around. John Quincy Adams once said: If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader.” Let’s see where one can get started on their road to being a millionaire and a leader.

Simple Entrepreneur Idea #1: Find a product or business that is NEEDED. There are a lot of “things” on the market, but what is really needed?

Simple Entrepreneur Idea #2: Invest your time and money into promoting your product or business. Talk to everyone, show everyone, sell your idea to people who will back you even if you are starting on a small scale.

Simple Entrepreneur Idea #3: Copyright or patent your work so that proper recognition and credit will encourage growth of the developmental stages of the game plan.

Simple Entrepreneur Idea #4: Do and build on what you love to do. Then working on the project becomes exciting and fun instead of a tedious, boring job! More creative thoughts come from experimenting with new methods, styles or appearances of products that have been around for awhile – create a new use or new, improved look.

Simple Entrepreneur Idea #5: Don’t be bouncing around with ten different things in the works. Make your choice, research and study the market, check out comparable prices, and then get busy getting the word out. Utilize word of mouth through family and friends who have been willing to test the products and talk about them. If no one knows your product or business exists, it won’t be a viable endeavor.

Granted it will take time and effort and dedication – DON’T GIVE UP! Budget your spending so that the money doesn’t dry up before being able to launch a promotion. And there are ways to promoteĀ that don’t cost thousands! Check out videos on how to do Search Engine Optimization, or use an SEO Company. Smaller ones like OKC SEO are willing to work with startups and often work on percentages. Getting your idea and company out there is worth every penny you will spend.

If you have a great idea, use your ingenuity to make it happen. Surround yourself with successful people who will share helpful ideas, encourage you and believe in you. Then go get ’em!