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How To Be An Entrepreneur

Be innovative and creative

Do research on the area in which you’re hoping to excel. This means studying if this is an area that is currently doing well, and a go over these types of details.

Poll the audience, this might mean conducting a survey and finding out if people would be interested in purchasing your product or if it’s even marketable. You’ll want to make sure that it’s something their interested in buying and for the price that you’re offering.

Work out a budget. Determine how much you have to spend and if you go a period of

time without profiting, how long you can self-sustain on that amount of money.

Determine what you’re willing to risk. This means that when your business may be on the down (and this normal) that when you experience a loss, how much you expect and how much of a loss you can experience without creating further issues.

Have a goal which is more reliable than a plan. A plan makes it appear that you’re unsure of where to go, but are tinkering with ideas. A goal gives clear and well defined ideas as to where it will head and what you’re willing to do to get there.

How to become an entrepreneur

Becoming an entrepreneur doesn’t have to be hard, but it does require a sense of creativity. It means finding a product you can sell or a business you can run to sell a product that people want. It also means doing something different to draw in the attraction of consumers who will want your products. You have to be determined, be willing to put a lot of time and effort in, and bring something new to the table.

How do I become an entrepreneur?

Come up with an idea as to what you want and where you want things to go. You need to have an idea as to what you would like to personally achieve both financially with your business and in your own personal life and then set to work with that.

Determine if you have the right personality for being an entrepreneur. A job like this requires you to be a people person, outgoing, and not afraid to approach people. Most of all you need to have great problem solving skills because things aren’t going to always run smoothly. Being able to run into problems and work them out is important.

Learn what your strengths are and make sure you can work with those as these are things investors will want to know about.

Determination is going to be required for those who desire to become successful. You have to believe in yourself and your ability to succeed.

These are some great ideas on how to become an entrepreneur, but learning how to be one is a bit different and thus we’ll examine these details a bit further.


How to build an Entrepreneurial Culture

I’m a housewife on a mission. My desire is to help others but it comes in the most unconventional way. Would you believe building houses? Not just any ol’ house, but houses

that do double duty- they work for the average person and if a person becomes disabled it will also work for them. I talked to my husband Bob and he said, “If that is what the Lord has put on your heart, then go ahead and do it, but you will have to plan what you want in the house and bring in the money yourself.”

After I talked to Bob, I talked to one the elders at church and he asked me if I was trying to become an entrepreneur. I was a little surprised at the question. All I could say was, “I guess.” I looked up the word on the Business Know How website because I was not really sure what it meant. I found where Robert W. MacDonald stated that word, entrepreneur, is an old French word “that simply means to undertake, or set out on a new mission or venture.” That definition makes me think of knight going out to do great feats against great odds. I rather like that idea. I always did like knights in armor.

So against all odds I sold homemade cupcakes at a local grocery story to help raise money.

I called it “Cupcakes that Care”. I had two types, a breakfast/protein cupcake and a yellow sweet cupcake. The customers would never know what’s in the sweet one. Some days it would be chocolate chip and the next blueberries. After that it was whatever I dreamed up.

The patrons started calling it “The Surprise Cupcake.” Through the process of making cupcakes I had to hire a couple employees to help me out. I learned that to succeed my employees needed to see my passion and see me working. They realized that I was leading and not being a boss. I was treating them the way I would want to be treated as an employee.

It took 5 years, plus saving every penny, but I eventually had a license as a contractor and a small crew working under me. While selling cupcakes I also talked to as many contractors and construction people as I could. Some of those I had talked to are now working for me.They’ve taken my vision and have taken on as their own. I learned that people will follow a leader who treats them with respect. Robert W. MacDonald was right when he stated that, “an entrepreneurial culture consist of a group of individuals who have suppressed individual interest in an effort to achieve group success because group success will advance their individual interests.” My first house is almost done. What is it? It is ranch type wide open concept with plenty of room for wheel chairs to move around in. It has not stirs in it and large rooms and a wheel chair ramp. You might be wondering what happened to the cupcake business. I sold it to one of my employees.


Simple Entrepreneur Ideas for YOU!

Recently there was a meeting on Simple Entrepreneur Ideas that was hosted by Warren Buffet. What was interesting was the fact that he has only one rule: Never Lose Money!!! Good thought and a great guideline when trying to break into the entrepreneur field. Of course it’s a no brainer – who would want to start a business or invent a product that didn’t make money – that would defeat the whole purpose of striking out on your own!

There are many people who have fantastic ideas. The problem is that they don’t DO anything with them. Time passes and one day there is a new product or business on the market and they are left thinking – I thought of that a long time ago – that new booming business could have been mine. Doom, despair, agony and regret sets in because sitting around talking about something doesn’t make one a millionaire. Last year over 300,000 people became millionaires for the first time because they didn’t just “talk” about their ideas, they put action behind their words.

Here are a few simple entrepreneur ideas for you that could put you in the next group of millionaires – there is a new year starting very soon and YOU could be a blossoming entrepreneur this time around. John Quincy Adams once said: If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader.” Let’s see where one can get started on their road to being a millionaire and a leader.

Simple Entrepreneur Idea #1: Find a product or business that is NEEDED. There are a lot of “things” on the market, but what is really needed?

Simple Entrepreneur Idea #2: Invest your time and money into promoting your product or business. Talk to everyone, show everyone, sell your idea to people who will back you even if you are starting on a small scale.

Simple Entrepreneur Idea #3: Copyright or patent your work so that proper recognition and credit will encourage growth of the developmental stages of the game plan.

Simple Entrepreneur Idea #4: Do and build on what you love to do. Then working on the project becomes exciting and fun instead of a tedious, boring job! More creative thoughts come from experimenting with new methods, styles or appearances of products that have been around for awhile – create a new use or new, improved look.

Simple Entrepreneur Idea #5: Don’t be bouncing around with ten different things in the works. Make your choice, research and study the market, check out comparable prices, and then get busy getting the word out. Utilize word of mouth through family and friends who have been willing to test the products and talk about them. If no one knows your product or business exists, it won’t be a viable endeavor.

Granted it will take time and effort and dedication – DON’T GIVE UP! Budget your spending so that the money doesn’t dry up before being able to launch a promotion. And there are ways to promote that don’t cost thousands! Check out videos on how to do Search Engine Optimization, or use an SEO Company. Smaller ones like OKC SEO are willing to work with startups and often work on percentages. Getting your idea and company out there is worth every penny you will spend.

If you have a great idea, use your ingenuity to make it happen. Surround yourself with successful people who will share helpful ideas, encourage you and believe in you. Then go get ’em!


The DNA Gene For Leadership

A gene has recently been identified by researchers that is suggested to be at least partially correlated with leadership in humans. Specifically there is a genotype, called rs4950, which is a single nucleotide polymorphism that occurs in the DNA of a fraction of the human population. Research has suggested that this gene accounts at least partially for the ability of people to become leaders. The research was based on a cross-comparison of peoples’ DNA sequences with an assessment of their leadership roles (i.e. – leader vs. follower), with a search for correlations between specific DNA sequences and the occurrence of leadership. The result of the study was the finding of a positive correlation between the probability of being a leader and a gene called rs4950.

While it is quite obvious that leadership skills are attainedprimarily through practice, environment, and conditioning, it has been proposed that this gene functions as a gate, whereby only people who possess the gene will be able to break through a certain “ceiling” that determines whether or not they will ultimately have the ability to become a leader, irrespective of much leadership training they have received. It is highly improbable that this gene actually functions as a strict determinant of whether an individual can pass through a certain ceiling to become a leader. While many news headlines tend to simplify the results of the study, saying that “the rs4950 gene is responsible for leadership”, the reality is much more complex. Nonetheless, the idea of a leadership gene is attractive to many and brings up the possibility that, in the future, people could be preselected for leadership roles based solely on genetic traits, making the selection process far more predictable.

This concept touches upon a deep ethical issue. If enough people become convinced that a specific gene is responsible for a complex behavioral trait such as leadership, the world could start to see more prospective employers demanding to sequence their applicants’ DNA, in order to see if the applicant has the potential to become a leader (despite other qualifications). While this pursuit itself would likely be a waste of time, the possibility for such a shift in paradigm, where employers could require DNA sequencing of employees, is alarming. There is a slippery slope down the road from employers checking employees for leadership genes to health insurance companies checking insurance applicants for cancer-causing genes, so that they may preemptively deny health insurance to people with genes making them more likely to get cancer (thereby saving the insurance company money). Where do we draw the line? Do we want to live in a world where genetics are the primary determinant of success, or do we want a world filled with compassion where true learned skills are more important than genetics?

As with any genetic study, it is important that researchers and society alike proceed with caution and a careful consideration of the surrounding ethical issues. It is likely inevitable that information such as individual peoples’ DNA sequences will be exploited for greedy purposes in the future. However, if enough people are aware of such potential for exploitation, then there is a better chance for the greater good to steer our society as a whole toward a better future.


The Mindset of an Entrepreneur

To be an entrepreneur requires a mindset that is radically different from that of an employee. Being an online entrepreneur is itself different from being an entrepreneur in the traditional way. Entrepreneurs see the world in a unique, entrepreneurial way. They see opportunities where other people see problems.

It is the entrepreneurial mindset that has taken humanity forward in leaps and bounds, from the industrial age to the age of information technology. Where would we be had there not been a Steve Jobs or a Jeff Bezos?

At the heart of every entrepreneur is a core energy that makes them an entrepreneur. There is a restlessness that is not satiated until they achieve their vision and their dream becomes a reality. They constantly strive to make things better than they are. They come up with new ideas or have ideas to make existing things even better. They have a deep belie in themselves and their vision. They do not cower or back down in the face of adversity or challenges. They often have such a strong conviction in themselves and in their ideas that they are able to influence others to work with them.

In the 21st century, the Internet has given people even more of an incentive to become entrepreneurs. Information technology has given everyone the world over access to knowledge, products and services wherever they may be. The entire world has shrunk to a tap of your fingertips on the keyboard, the touch of your fingers on a screen, or the click of a mouse. The fact that a global market is within their reach has made entrepreneurs even more bold and courageous to launch their vision on a global scale using the internet.

Online entrepreneurs find the freedom and flexibility of working on the Internet intoxicating. The internet offers the freedom to work wherever they want, whenever they want, with whomever they want, without the boundaries of geography, politics, or culture. A recent statistics showed that 58% of the millennial generation identified themselves as entrepreneurs.

To be a successful entrepreneur online, you need to find a niche area that you can excel in. If you can find a problem that nobody has solved so far, and can provide an effective solution to that problem, you have found yourself an entrepreneurial idea that can skyrocket you to success and riches. For example, online bookstores are a solution to the problem of people not able to find books that they want in bookstores, or not being able to access books that they want if they live in smaller cities or towns, or not having the time to pick up books from a bookstore. Similarly, e-commerce portals from where you can order and have groceries, vegetables and fruits delivered to your home was a boon for people who are working or families where both spouses are working full time.

The most successful entrepreneurs are those who are self-aware, have identified their strengths and weaknesses, and play to their distinctive strengths. Not everyone can do everything. Success lies in doing what you can do and doing it better than anyone else!